On Sunday, May 2nd, forty members of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux Cyclo welcomed somePhoto: Daniel Dehove chairs Saint-Amand-les-Eaux Cyclo.Two hundred cyclists who braved the cold and rain - unfortunately the conditions encountered yesterday - to participate in the hike The Spa on the roads of Amandinois and Pévèle. Neighboring clubs (Orchies, Raismes, Somain, North Denain-Gare, etc.) were present, as the Belgians, including members of the Audax Tournai with their most faithful representative, André Tignon webmaster.A week later, Saturday, May 8, many of the club members have returned the favor to Tournai friends taking part in the third edition of the "Grinta", which gathered 2720 cyclists in Tournai, which crisscrossed the roads Frasnes mountains and hills of Ellezelles.With Friends of Jean Stablinski, 30Members of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux Cyclo be on deck again Sunday, May 30, as the club will like last year its logistic and technical support for the bicycle ride organized by the Friends of Jean Stablinski from ( from 8:00) mining site of Arenberg.The routes 105 and 70 km borrow paved sections of the third stage of the Tour de France to return to Arenberg. A plus for hiking.For information about the club, contact its president, Daniel Dehove at 06 08 61 85 69, or drop in on Sunday morning at 8:00, from the main square or Thursday morning at 9:00 at the output of the ancients.

In Remembrance Of Jean STABLINSKI: Practitioners And Veterans League - Monday, 24/05/2010 - The Northern Voice


Jean STABLINSKI, disappeared for almost three years, was one and the other: a former champion and ...a still practicing this bicycle which he was a devoted servant. For him, in what is as a day of remembrance, practitioners and former champions are expected next Sunday on the mining site of Arenberg at the invitation of the Friends of Jean STABLINSKI, chaired by Jean-Marie Leblanc.This is the family of cycling will be held. Three courses will be offered to cyclists: 100, 70 and 40 km. Double originality of this second edition of the tour: for all, a mass start; and the two longest route, the Tour de France on the same site requires the recovery of the last forty kilometers of the stage July 6, with four in particular paved areas. Mountain bikers, them, will end on 50 km there ... where the Tour will not pass: the gap.Three former world champions are announced, among others: André Darrigade, Joop Zoetemelk - who also won the Tour in 1980 - and Luc Leblanc. Elders who are still, for some practitioners: Zoetemelk, Leblanc and the best climber of the Tour 80 Raymond Martin pledged to make the 100 km.

Hiking Des Amis De Jean STABLINSKI: In Group And On The Course Of Tour! - Saturday, 05/29/2010 - La Voix Du Nord


Photo: At the presentation by Jean-Marie Leblanc; l. Jacques STABLINSKI.Second edition on Sunday the desired hike by ...Friends of Jean Stablinski. From the first, they have kept the date: the last Sunday of May. Important stick to it, to fix a habit of appointments with practitioners. For the rest, the "Friends" - Power of Saint-Amand Cyclo for the road, US Valenciennes-Marly for mountain biking - are already innovating. At the formula: three road journeys will be performed in groups, like the "audax", what did not at all accustomed cyclos Sunday morning. Jean-Marie Leblanc sees three advantages: give mass effect to participation, enhance the ambiance and bring back everyone almost in the same time range.Innovation about the course. The mine site will host July 6 the arrival of the third stage of the Tour de France, and it was not necessary to deprive borrow the end of course. This will be done on 100 and 70 km, with four paved areas (Sars, Tilloy, Wandignies, Haveluy) or 9900 m: that either the tours do not usually, but, come on! For once, it can not refuse ... T as Tour de France, as trench T also: with its 2400 m, it will be, it, at the smallest cyclo course menu, as well as 50 km mountain bike. And T as Bing, that of Rousseau wash him also appear on the big mountain bike circuit.Jean-Marie Leblanc said also to have "learned a lesson" from the original edition: registration for cyclists was reduced to the amount in force in our Sunday rides, two euros.Finally, this day will also be the remembrance and friendship, and Jacques Stablinski was thus obtained the arrival of Joop Zoetemelk, Luc Leblanc and Raymond Martin, who will 100 km, as well as André Darrigade, Georges Groussard, François Mahé, Henri Duez, Henry Anglade, Christian Raymond and Raymond Riotte. Large old mixed with anonymous cyclos still here something exceptional ... o BDJean Friends of hiking Stablinski Sunday at the mining site of Arenberg: Cyclo: grouped departures at 7 am for 45 100 km, 8 h 15 to 70 km at 9 am for the 50 km. Registration: 2 E.Mountain biking: 50 km: 9 am mass start, registration and 5 E 3 E (under 15 years); 17 km: 9 am mass start 45 2 E.Information: Tel: 06 76 77 43 83; www.jeanstablinski.info

Trek Jean Stablinski, A Rendezvous Always Appreciated - Tuesday, 01/06/2010 - The Voice Of Sports


They came, they are all there. Hundreds of runners answered the call of the association "Friends of Jean Stablinski"Photo: Luc Leblanc and Joop Zoetemelk have made the trip in memory of their friend "Stab".For a very nice hike, like the loved former world champion (soon 48 years: September 2, 1962 in Salo).With the collaboration of the Cyclo Club of Saint-Amand route for road and USVM for mountain bike trails, the association presided Jean-Marie Leblanc, supported by Jacques Stablinski the son of John, presented several courses from the mine site Wallers-Arenberg place where tension rises each day to approach the finish of the third stage of the Tour de France on July 6 (Sunday we were at D-37). In the courtyard of the pit, you could rub several former glories as Joop Zoetemelk, Raymond Martin, Luc Leblanc, Georges Groussard, François Mahé, Henri Duez, local Robert Mintkiéwicz. But Raymond Riotte Henri Anglade and André Darrigade who have not ventured on the track but had moved to their friend "Stab".The trench for ATVImportant platoons, old glories in mind, set off for the 100 and 70 km, the final was strong with the last four cobbled sections (Sars-et-Rosières, Tilloy-les-Marchiennes Wandignies-Hamage and Haveluy) the future stage of the Tour. A étapequi will badly, according to Marc Madiot recently during recognition with his team of the French Games.As for the 40 km and 50 km of mountain biking, they had at the famous Arenberg trench menu.After all these efforts towards the stele of Jean Stablinski on the edge of the forest to deposit a wreath before a meal together at the mine site where comments and memories ... went rife with great blows of gears. o R. P. (CLP)

Ä ... THE DAY ESSENTIALS - La Voix Du Nord - Edition From Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Sunday, September 2, 1962, the cyclist Jean northerner STABLINSKI reached in Salo, in the Italian Alps, the peak of his athletic career by winning the world champion's jersey. A glorious day that we will always remember fondly in STABLINSKI.BY CHRISTIAN CANIVEZPHOTO ARCHIVES Endireplus@lavoixdunord.fr "NORTHERN VOICES"A residential area of Aulnoye-les-Valenciennes. A sign showing the sports complex Jean-Stablinski shows that we are not far from the goal. We are in the land of "Stab". Stablinski fox, Stablinski the sorcerer.Arrived at the Arc-en-ciel villa, no doubt. Jacques and Genia are there. The wife and eldest son of the champion. It disappeared there are already three years but remains present everywhere in the house.Starting with the name of it, necessarily chosen in memory of that famous day he conquered the rainbow jersey sky, that of world champion."He could not decently be called his villa house Salo, it would have chatted ..." Jacques slipped with malice.Salo, yet it is good when everything will play out.We are Sunday, September 2, 1962. The small town in the Italian Alps, on Lake Garda, is buzzing. Tonight will be crowned a world champion here.The best cyclists then are there: Belgian Rik Van Looy, Irishman Seamus Elliott, Wolshohl German, Italian Balmanian ... And then the French Darigade, Poulidor Groussard, Anquetil and one to whom all eyes turning more and more lately, the young champion of France Jean Stablinski.A first in Eurovision"There were only lords that day," said Jacques, who was only six years old at the time and would live event in Raismes, with his grandparents, through the magic of broadcast in Eurovision, a first for a sporting event."We had arrived the day before in Salo, recalls Genia, which itself had been able to accompany her husband. It was the first time I took the plane, a Caravelle. We started with Anquetil couple. These championships world, John was prepared. He believed it. He wanted them. The last fifteen days before the race he had trained like crazy, I was following the car. He was very brave."The morning of September 2. It is already very nice and warm on Salo.

"Of course, women runners could not sleep with their spouse says Genia. But with the wife of Jacques Anquetil, we managed to get a room on the same floor as our husbands. Ms. Anquetil braved the forbidden and went to join her husband at night while I stayed in my room the next day, just before the start, Jean was the head. "If I win this race, you have not mounted the podium" am I launched -it. He had taken very badly that I did not join the ... "The race is on to 10am. A loop circuit of 280 km that runners swallow in about seven hours.Stablinski do not like to make a difference in the end. At 110 km from the finish, he launched a breakaway. "He was going to get them very far, his victories," said Jacques, who was also champion amateur cyclist France.In the pack that formed the Irish Elliott attack first. Stablinski against attack. 3 km from the finish, disaster: Stab punctured.It provides him with a bike too big for him. Still, he crosses the finish line first.The triumph of StablinskiOn the podium, this is madness. The magneto which was broadcast La Marseillaise fails. "It was then all sung!" Genia remembers with emotion, her husband finally agreed to host at his side. "It was not very expansive. He showed little feelings. In the evening we made a little feast with all the team of France to celebrate her rainbow jersey sky."At the same time, in front of the family home, in Raismes, the municipal band came spontaneously interpret the national anthem." A wonderful memory "for Jacques. What follows is a series of diverse and varied honors." Dad income Valenciennes convertible. I was in and I greeted the crowd too. On the house, a banner "Glory to our world champion" had been installed. My pride was immense. "On September 9, 1962, Jean Stablinski made Valenciennes towers of honor before a packed stadium Nungesser." My father, winning the world championship, won, as he said, his passport to life. "OCurrently, around Jean Stablinski: exhibition until June 5 at the town hall of Cambrai, free admission.Output library "Jean Stablinski an extraordinary life," by Cathy Stablinski and Pascal Sergent, to Alan Sutton Publishing (22 E).Organization today hiking Jean-Stablinski (3 road mountain bike course and 2) from the mining site of Arenberg. www.jeanstablinski.infoo 1932.Birth of Jean Stablinski to Thun-Saint-Amand in the city of Morocco. His father, Martin, arrived eight years ago of Poland: he works in a zinc works. o1947 Buys his first racing bike with the money raised by playing the accordion at dances. Wins his first race in Gaurain-Ramecroix. Took French nationality.o 1950. Between the mine and stops the cycling competition.o 1952. Military service in Verdun. Cycling back and becomes champion of France military.o 1953-1968. Professional cycling career. 105 wins races. Was world champion in 1962 and four times champion of France in 1960, 1962, 1963 and 1964. Winner of the 1958 Tour of Spain and five stages in the Tour de France.o 1969-1975. Leads the pro team Sonolor Lejeune.1976. o Creates brand cycles.o 2007. Dies in Aulnoye-les-Valenciennes.o 2008. A monument to his memory was erected beside the Arenberg trench: it's Jean Stablinski who had the idea to propose a paved area to the organizers of the Paris-Roubaix race.3 km from the finish, disaster: Stab punctured.It provides him with a bike too big for him ...

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