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On May 21, 2010 anniversary of JEAN STABLINSKI at 11:30, the town of Cambrai will honor "DIS" for his fabulous career through the inauguration of a roundabout equipped with a commemorative stele (the roundabout Saint Ladre become the roundabout Jean STABLINSKI), and an exhibition on the life of John STABLINSKI. This presence of STABLINSKI Family, Jean-Marie Leblanc and Eddy Merckx.

2010 - Inauguration Rond-point Jean Stablinski Cambrai

The Rider Jean STABLINSKI Honored For 15 Days - La Voix Du Nord - Monday, 5/17/2010

News Cambrai - AGENDA OF THE WEEKPhoto: JOHN STABLINSKI (world champion and four times champion of France).Amateurs and cycling enthusiasts, or just curious, from Friday May 21 to Saturday, June 5, the town of Cambrai makes a fitting tribute to one of the most brilliant French cyclist racers of the 60s ...Since his death in July 2007. A stele was erected in his honor in Arenberg, a cycling and mountain biking - whose route borrows the emblematic sites of the former Champion, including Arenberg - is organized every year by the association "Friends of Jean STABLINSKI" and a site www.jeanstablinski.info ", was born in 2008. The tribute shows them swarm in the region.This year, the town of Cambrai decided to add his stone to the edifice. It makes, from the May 21, the anniversary of the rider, at 11 am 30, a tribute to "Stab" through the inauguration of a roundabout equipped with a memorial stone (the roundabout take Saint Ladre the name John STABLINSKI). Until June 5, the White Lounge and the Hall of Honour of the City Hall will host a tribute exhibition to exceptional champion and other cyclists, with signs and memorabilia.

City Of Stupidity If Renovated For A Beauty Plants For The Tour De France - La Voix Du Nord Thursday, 5/20/2010


omorrow morning the inauguration of the new roundabout Jean-STABLINSKI, St. Ladre street sign kick off a season rich in events and festivities. For several days, officials of green spaces are hard at work to give back to the city of Stupidity beautiful summer colors.BY EMILIA SKRZYPCZAKPhoto: Yesterday morning, Francis Guy Bridault Ratte and responsible service parks were present for the laying of the structure.You have probably noticed, those green snowmen brigades curving spine before municipal flowerbeds. A few days before the inauguration of the new roundabout Jean-Stablinski, the pressure mounts. The winter frosts have delayed Reblooming green areas of the city.The few rays of sunshine arrive in time. Four teams of agents are busy cutting, mowing lawns and repot. In a bird flying away in the municipal greenhouses, it pampers the thousands of plants waiting to regain their natural space.Everything must be ready for Friday morning, the day of the inauguration of the stele erected in tribute to the emblematic figure of cycling, Jean Stablinski. Which will at the same time his name at the roundabout located at the corner of Caudry and St. Ladre. The choice of location is not trivial. "This is where spend the riders of the Tour de France on July 7, says Francis Ratte, responsible, with Guy Bridault, green areas of the city. So it was an opportunity to pay tribute to" Stab ". And this roundabout had hitherto not really name ... "The opportunity as any found to restore good looks.4th flower?The airplane Louis Bleriot installed last year, fell a few days ago to make room for a white and yellow iron structure "Le Tour", set on a slope behind a hedge plant. At his feet, a mosaiculture 300 plants will form within a fortnight the word "France". The imposing six-meter structure, completed in three weeks by a team of the municipal workshop, will be filled with potting soil.In which will be added Gnaphalium 1800 (white decorative plants that take until frost). Behind plant hedge, three giants jerseys cyclists.A work it took to accomplish in a short time. "The theme this year was decided in February, we had to redesign the roundabout, make a driveway pavers to install the stele ... But ultimately, this will give a little more character to this place." And there is not it. Candelabra and suspended basins will also give color to the avenue of Victory, and two large floral columns of 2.50 meters will be installed Porte de Paris. But it will have to wait two weeks. "It is preferred to settle at the last minute because of damage and theft, inevitable," said, a little bitter, Francis Ratte, also fears the "rampage" be linked to the influx of tourists.Much effort that may allow the city to add a fourth flower to his record, when passing the regional jury this summer. But Francis does not think Ratte. "We already will do everything to maintain our third flower. This is the most difficult!"


La ville de Cambrai organise le Dimanche 9 Mai en collaboration avec le Cyclo Club Cambrésien et Vélo Santé une randonnée ouverte à tous.
Cette randonnée lance les festivités organisées dans le cadre du Tour de France le 7 Juillet prochain. Vous aurez la possibilité de rouler sur la Route empruntée par le peloton.

Vous avez le choix entre 4 parcours :

  • 10 Kms : boucle Cambrai / Niergnies / Cambrai
  • 20 Kms : boucle Cambrai / Séranvillers - Forenville / Niergnies / Cambrai
  • 30 Kms : boucle Cambrai / Esnes / Lesdain / Crèvecoeur sur l'Escaut / Niergnies / Cambrai
  • 60 Kms : boucle Cambrai / Esnes / Walincourt - Selvigny / Dehéries / Elincourt / Clary / Maretz / Montigny / Caudry / Fontaine-au-Pire / Cattenières / Wambaix / Séranvillers / Crèvecoeur / Niergnies / Cambrai

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