Jean Stablewski says Jean Stablinski (born May 21 1932 in Thun-Saint-Amand, North)Jean Stablinski was the son of Polish immigrants in the mining region of northern France. His father died in 1944. Five years later war victim Jean, aged 18 began working at the mine to support his family. He plays the accordion at dances and weddings with his money, hard earned, he bought a bike with a racing handlebar. His mother did not tolerate his son's hobby and in his anger, destroyed the bicycle handlebar, he put his mother into a corner by threatening drinking and smoking with exaggeration what he did, celle- will then relented and allowed him to satisfy his passion.At age 16, he was naturalized French and disputed his first race; at the age of 21, he signed his first professional contract.From 1958 until 1967 he was a member of the same team as his friend Jacques Anquetil, where he was captain of the faithful road.Stablinski - most often called Stab - became known above all through his quadruple victory and two second places in France Professional Championship on the road, all in six years; a series of unprecedented success to date and earned him the nickname "Mr. France". During his professional career, from 1952 until 1968, becoming World Champion in 1962, he won a total of 105 professional victories.obtained his passport to glory by becoming World Champion in Salo (Italy)At the end of his professional career, he became for six years Director of the French Team Sonolor Lejeune. Lucien Van Impe and Bernard Hinault were part of his discoveries. His son, Jacques Stablinski, born in 1956, also became a professional cyclist and champion France in 1975 for Fiat and Puch Campagnolo Week.Stablinski was a professional cyclist from 1953 to 1968. He won many races, including the tour of Spain, World Championship, four titles of Champion of France and several classics:Paris, Bruxelles, Belgium's turn, the Amstel Gold Race, the Grand Prix of Frankfurt, the Baracacchi Trophy. Stablinski participated in 12 Tours de France as team captain of France and won 5 stages in the Tour de France: 2 stages in the Tour of Italy and 2 stages in the Tour of Spain.The "father Stab" remains to this day the most successful cyclist of all time for road races.In platoons, he was nicknamed "the sorcerer" or "fox" because of his knowledge of the race. (When John was in the break, it was good!)On April 7, 2008, a monument was inaugurated on the mythical trench Wallers-Arenberg to honor him. It was Jean who suggested the organizers of the Paris-Roubaix race the paved area of the holes of Aremberg, he was the only cyclist to practice both above and below as a minor.This stele was built in stone and Soignies developed by the sculptor Michael Karpovich.