Cyclists Dear Friends,

The year 2012 will be for our family and for the association "Friends of Jean STABLINSKI" chaired by Jean Marie Leblanc, particularly important since it will mark the 50th anniversary of the victory of John in the world championship in Salo 62. It was a huge event in our country, in our region and particularly in the Valenciennes region, which he was proud. The day after his death, in 2007, we wanted, through the association, to perpetuate the memory of the father STAB through two initiatives. The erection of a monument in his likeness at the entrance to the gap of Wallers-Arenberg, inaugurated in 2008. The organization of a hiking memories with the presence of former champions on the mining site of Wallers-Arenberg. STAB's birthday, we will develop, more importantly, "Jean Stablinski Day Sunday, May 20, 2012" which will include more animation elements.

  • The usual hikes that will see a squad of hundreds of cyclists (cyclists, walkers and cyclists), French, Belgian, Luxembourg, Dutch, Welsh, Swiss licensed ... to all the national and international federations of cycling, from Wallers -Arenberg.
  • La venue des anciens coéquipiers de Jean Stablinski du Mondial 1962 : Anglade, Cazala, Darrigade, J.Groussard, Ignolin, Poulidor.
  • The arrival of former teammates of Jean Stablinski World 1962 Anglade, Cazala, Darrigade, J.Groussard, Ignolin, Poulidor.
  • A contest of children's drawings of the district schools on this theme: the world of 1962.
  • A Salon / Exchange Bicycle collectors, jerseys, cycling magazines and books.
  • A philatelic event: issuing a commemorative stamp
  • Musical entertainment on the theme of the accordion, dear to Jean Stablinski.

Thus, we would be happy to welcome you on the mining site of Wallers-Arenberg among us in this sporting event, popular and friendly at Sunday, May 20, 2012.